Why are organisations implementing visitor management systems?

In today’s environment, security management has become critical in many organisations. Keeping tabs on employees, equipment, storage and visitors are a necessity, given that threat perception has increased. Many companies make visitor management systems mandatory to ensure absolute security and safety of those in the building. Gone are those days, when the only record of entry of a visitor or guest was the log book that the security guard at the entrance kept. Now, technology has made visitor managements extremely sophisticated and secure. Now, the core of identifying visitors is done through the following process:

• Could-based visitor log operations

• Identifying visitors by taking their pictures

• Customized visitor IDs including the visitor’s picture with company logo

• Scanning items that are entering building

• Rechecking any documents, USBs or CDs before entry & exit

• Seeking permission with company before allowing visitor entry. All these measures are part of visitor management system. You can always get a customized operating system depending on your company’s policy about security, but the above are the standard procedures followed when a visitor enters your office building. Here are a few reasons why companies are extremely particular about these systems.

a) Negating threat perceptions. With increasing news reports about random gun violence or shooting incidents at various key installations, it is necessary to keep your building very secure. If there are no visitor management systems, a suicide bomber can easily walk in to any office building and bomb a floor or building. With a visitor management system in place, the suspect will not be allowed to enter as he does not have any prior appointment or does not confirm the name of the person he is meeting with. In addition, while scanning the luggage, if there are any suspicious items, the security can stop and inspect the items.

b) First line of deference are a lot of unhappy former employees or visitors who want to take the liberty of entering the office premises without prior appointments. In such cases, they will be stopped at the entrance and asked to retreat. For companies that always face the possibility of an irate client or hostile visitor, a visitor management system works as their defense as they know that the problem won’t be allowed to cross the first level of security. Even if there is a possibility that the angry visitor creates a ruckus for not being allowed entry, he can be dealt with immediately.

c) Controlled access A visitor entering your office has access only to a certain parts of the company. If he goes wandering into restricted sections, he will not be able to gain entry, as the access card which has limited access will deny entry. Alternatively, if the visitor is a competitor or a spy on espionage work, he will not get entry into any confidential spaces. You will have control on where the visitor entering your office can go or not.

d) Evidence during theft If you have discovered that one of the visitors has stolen confidential documents from your office space, then running through the cloud-based visitor log and running through the photographed pictures at the entrance can help you identify the thief. You will be able spot the suspect and alert the police immediately. Even in court, the log system can be produced as evidence against the thief. In addition, it also negates the possibility of tampering with the log system and reduces wrong entry. In most cases, if the suspect leaves with the visitor ID card, then he can be traced through the detailed information that he provided at the visitors desk.