What does an ERP App (Enterprise Resource Planning Application) do?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and its application is used for managing data and information. The purpose of this application is to collect, stock and streamline information for the assistance of huge organizations. Although an organization is equipped with Customer Relationship Management software or CRM, a storage or warehouse, manual information systems and accounting but there isn’t always any connecting links between or among them. This is where ERP apps come in, it connects and shares information between all these platforms so that there is a comprehensive, managed and efficient system. For a user now it is very easy to simultaneously check inventory along with payables, sales etc.

What do ERP apps do for your business:

Modern ERP systems are very agile, mobile and secure. Some of these modern systems have cloud computing so that information is easily accessed and delivered through internet. It is said that, “time is money”. By using such a system as an ERP application, not only does the user work efficiently, but it also saves time.

Integration and incorporation of all the basic requirements of an organization are adhered in ERP application tools. Now, when a request is made by a client for a product, instead of following various steps the user can check the availability of the product in the warehouse in one click and let the client know, with the use of an ERP app. Without such an application, however this wasn’t possible, it was a time consuming, tedious and back-and-forth communication process.

The concept of ERP has been in use for many decades. In the olden days, ERP was done on paper, and then later with gradual incorporation with main frame computer in 1964 by a company called the Toolmaker Black and Decker. Later more improvements came to the concept of incorporating all the systems together. Till eventually, in 1990s ERP was officially born and gradually adopted by businesses of all industries.

Now, it is simply mind boggling to think of a large scale organization working without an integration of all its systems. Such an organization would simply not be able to compete with today’s fast growing and competitive industries. It requires an incredible amount of time for a mere sale to be made manually let alone other more complex jobs.

Why go for ERP Solutions and Apps:

Today, in this ever competitive economic market of the world, Singapore is also using very efficient ERP applications for streamlining information for its users. Singapore’s economic system is so competitive and dynamic. For a nation to maintain its position in the global market it has to adhere to more efficient data sorting systems. So it is of no surprise that it welcomed the use of ERP for business before many other nations. Here are some ERP solutions and applications used by companies in Singapore;

  • Synergix Technology
  • OrangeKloud
  • Deskera
  • Tigernix


It is no doubt that the companies using ERP applications generate more profits annually than those who have yet to. The uptrend of businesses adopting the use of ERP apps is an expected one as investing in these efficient data systems will lead to more profit generation.