What Businesses Really Think About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Singapore is a free market economy that has a very competitive GDP. It is mostly dependent on the revenue generated by the manufacturing departments of the country. The labor in Singapore is one of the hardest working and honest and this has attracted a lot of investors from around the world. Singapore is undoubtedly, a business giant of Asia and is the 4th richest country of the world. Therefore, the need to compete and be open to new and innovative ideas is very strong here.

The world of technology is ever expanding and innovating. Newer and better solutions keep coming that help change the processing game. Companies and businesses after setting up require automation and streamlining of the way processes run. Microsoft Corporation has come up with such a super software that the business world has welcomed with open arms with the name of Microsoft Dynamics 365: http://www.msc-consulting.com.sg/portfolio-item/microsoft-dynamics-365-business-central/

This software solution incorporates within itself the two most famous applications that were independently used before, by the name of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Therefore, creating a super real-time platform that provides the user with complete transparency of how the processes work and ultimately build the revenue. The software uses the cloud computing technology that can be accessed and made orders on, at any time and any place. Customer relations that are viable to any business, are paid extra attention to and advised how to make better. But, with all it is patent to review the application from the experience of real users. Users can review the software in a much more advanced manner as they are aware and have experienced how each application works.

  • Pros of using Microsoft Dynamics 365:

The software provides an overall easier working interface. There is an ease of use for the users even for the ones who have not used it before. It also comes very cost effective and is not that hard to afford for small to mid-size businesses. In the scenarios where passages are made in a no web environment, all the information is synchronized once network is available. In addition to this, the outlook accessible is more advanced with group messaging made easier with more options. All the features are available for users that work it through their smart phones or tablets on iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone.

  • Cons of using Microsoft Dynamics 365:

The software tends to crash whenever an update is automated. The problem has been reported by the users but so far no real solution has come to surface. There is no ease of use for new clients. Before the software is set up, it requires a tedious amount of customization. Sessions can crash anytime, and this causes problems especially when a customer call is ongoing. And finally, since it is largely dependent on cloud computing, for all applications to work with the given speed, an uninterrupted web server is required.


The users have said that once the problems arising with Microsoft Dynamics 365 were reported to the company, it came with solutions and still ongoing support is being provided. Overall, according to the survey, the pros have outnumbered the cons of using this software and so it remains widely popular on the market.