Everyone is well aware of the need for security and with every day that goes by this need only gets stronger. The most important area in which having some sort of security is very important is at an entry point. Whether it is a house, an office, or a commercial complex there is a great emphasis that is put on maintaining a high level of security. This was previously done with the help of high metal gates and strong security guards. However, as technology advances, there were also other options that can be used that are considered to be fool-proof. Some of the advanced technologies consist of boom barriers, CCTV cameras, turnstiles or a vast list of other options that incorporate a sensor or some other form of automation which can grant access to only those individuals who have the required authorization.

If you have to decide on a security system for your new building or are considering upgrading your existing system, then here are a few reasons why you should choose automated turnstiles over the traditional gates.

Increased Security

One of the major reasons why automated turnstile technology has begun to grow more popular is because of the fact that it provides better security than other entryway options. Automated turnstiles provide access to the individual with the help of a sensor. The only way a person will be able to pass through the turnstile will be with a pass or if the present security guard gives them access. There is no way to access the area if the person does not have prior approval.

Flow of Crowd is Streamlined

This is one of the most important features of a turnstile access control as compared to a normal door. You can have a limited number of people who are allowed to pass through these turnstiles. In order to pass through the entry point, the individual will need to have valid credentials that are entered into the turnstile software. Without this, the turnstile will not move and the individual will not be able to enter. This ensures that there are fewer crowds in your building. Some turnstiles are also set up in such a way that there can be only one-way flow of traffic this also helps the maintain order at the entry and exit points.

Integration of Access Control

Turnstile automation technology allows you to integrate the doors, CCTV, and some other security devices into one central database. This ensures that only the person who has the authorization is able to enter in a particular area. In addition, having turnstiles can give you the option to measure the time that a person has entered as well as the time that they left. All you have to do is fill in the data that is required into a central database. The turnstiles are also able to keep a record of visitors who have come to the area.

Operational Flexibility

You can incorporate an array of different credential readers that can be merged with the turnstile automation technology, this allows for increased security for the area. You can have bar codes, RFIDs, proximity cards, or even magnetic strips. Once this system is set up and automated there is considerably less stress on the security staff. The entering of the approved credentials and the setting up of the software is a one-time task and the individuals can rest assured that they are safe. The system can be easily updated at any point to give access to someone new or even take away access from certain people.

Installing automated turnstiles in every building is soon becoming the newest security measure.